Martin Lang

Episode 008: Anxiety, Rituals and Religion with Martin Lang

Martin Lang introduces his current study of rituals and ritualization in laboratory and field settings.  He continues with the discuss of his latest project which is focused on the connection […]

Portrait of Tom Snitch, Ph.D., researcher for University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies (UMIACS). 

TERP, Fall 2013.

Episode 007: Drones, Poaching and the African Plains with Dr. Thomas Snitch

Dr. Thomas Snitch introduces his current work with UAVs (drones) in Africa.  He explains how by bringing appropriate technology to Africa, high resolution satellites, exquisite mathematics and UAVs, we can […]

Ahmed Elgammal

Episode 006: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Art with Dr. Elgammal

Dr. Ahmed Elgammal introduces his research in the field of computer vision and artificial intelligence.  He explains that the goal of the computer vision field is to give the machine […]


Episode 004: Dark Energy, Dark Matter and Hard Work with Dr. Farooq

Dr. Omer Farooq introduces his field of theoretical physics and describes to us the dream of understanding the Universe in which we live.  He continues his discussion of the Universe […]


Episode 003: Behavior Design, Habits and Meditation with David Ngo

David Ngo is a co-founding partner of Simplicity Labs, a Behavior Design firm. During his time in college, he worked with Dr. BJ Fogg to create Stanford University’s 1st Behavior […]

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Welcome to the Verge of Discovery Podcast

  VERGE OF DISCOVERY aims to bring scholars, intellectuals and visionaries in the field of science and technology together under one community that has a common goal.  That goal is to change […]