Jungwoo Ryoo

Episode 030: Opportunities in Big Data, Cloud Computing and Machine Learning with Dr. Ryoo

Dr. Jungwoo Ryoo is the interim head of the division of business, engineering, and information sciences and technology (BEIST) and an associate professor of Information Sciences and Technology (IST) at […]


Episode 029: Brain ‘Zaps’ to Improve Language, Cognition & Motor Abilities with Dr. Mehta

Dr. Jyutika Mehta is an associate professor at Texas Woman’s University.  Her primary research interests are to study speech & language representation in normal & disordered brains.  Dr. Mehta describes how […]

Monica Rosenberg

Episode 028: Cognitive Neuroscience, Brain Scans and ADHD with Monica Rosenberg

Monica Rosenberg is a graduate student in the Department of Psychology at Yale University.  Monica discusses how applying cognitive neuroscience research can help identify and treat disorders like ADHD.  She […]

Nicole Starosielski

Episode 027: The Undersea Internet Network with Dr. Starosielski

Dr. Nicole Starosielski is the author of “The Undersea Network,” a book on the undersea cable systems that carry almost all transoceanic internet traffic today.  She discusses the history of […]

Brian McKay

Episode 026: Macular Degeneration, Pigmentation and Alzheimer’s with Dr. McKay

Dr. Brian McKay is an associate professor at the Department of Ophthalmology and Vision Science at the University of Arizona.  Dr. McKay joins the show to discuss age-related macular degeneration […]

Sidney Perkowitz

Episode 025: Predictive Policing, Space Travel and The Internet of Things with Dr. Perkowitz

Dr. Sidney Perkowitz is Emeritus professor of physics at Emory University.  He is a scientist and a writer.  Dr. Perkowitz discusses some of his interests in science and technology and […]

Daniele Struppa

Episode 024: Mathematics in Social Media and Scientific Networks with Dr. Struppa

Dr. Daniele Struppa introduces his work as a mathematician working primarily in the area of Fourier Analysis and it’s applications.  He has recently become interested in some aspects of social […]

Christopher Bader

Episode 023: Top 10 American Fears with Dr. Christopher Bader

Dr. Christopher Bader is one of the principal investigators of the Chapman University Survey of American Fears.  Dr. Bader starts our interview by discussing satanic panic back in the 80s/90s […]

Francesco Ginelli

Episode 022: Tracking the Collective Behavior of Sheep with Dr. Francesco Ginelli

Dr. Francesco Ginelli’s work is all about collective effects.  The idea is that when you have a system composed of many units, certain collective properties of a system may emerge […]

Aric Prather

Episode 021: The Importance of Sleep to Your Health and Well-being with Dr. Aric Prather

Dr. Aric Prather introduces his field of work as a clinical-health psychologist.  He expands on his latest project that studied correlation between sleep and sickness.  He stresses the fact that […]