Episode 009: Science and Tech Recap September 2015

Evgeniy Shishkin recaps new discoveries in Science and Tech for the month of September 2015.  Topics include wormholes, number of trees in the world, oldest message in the bottle, cell phone usage, mountain McKinley vs Denali and 7 habits that can make you smarter.  Episode is concluded with a question of the month an the recap of this months episodes.

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Physicist Create a Magnetic Wormhole

Humans have wiped out nearly half the world’s trees

McKinley no more: North America’s tallest peak to be renamed Denali

How Smartphones Can Worsen Blue Feelings

Oldest message in a bottle ever found on German beach

7 Hobbies Science Says Will Make You Smarter

Quora Question of the Month:

Earth is closer to Venus than Mars. Why don’t we explore Venus before Mars?

On Quora by Subhasree Vaidyanathan

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